The Sovereignty of Drywall over Plywood

The most common materials used to make the walls and ceilings of residential and commercial properties are plywood and drywall. These are both affordable options that many people take advantage of because it also delivers in quality.  


There are numerous reasons drywall is sovereign compared to plywood, though. To read that down and give you the exact explanation, drywall’s sovereignty is explained as follows:   

1. Easy to handle or work with  

In comparison to plywood, drywall is easier to handle. It is not as hard to hang when hanging the material is needed, and in overall comparison, it is easier to work with.   

2. Easy to fix  

Damage can happen anytime on your walls. With or without causing intentionally, nature has its way of contributing damage to your investments. The walls are vital in protecting your home and your family as well. It can also require a lot of money when there are damages to your wall. More than the damage already done, your skill in fixing it can contribute to it getting fixed or getting more damaged. So if you are prone to relying on self-help solutions, you should opt for drywall because it is less hard to work with. You can patch some holes that may be present in it and sand the whole thing, and it can seem as if no damage has been done.   

3. More affordable  

Both materials are affordable options for looking for materials that you can easily get your hands on. However, when it comes to comparing the two, drywall is much more affordable. Plywood is made from wood, even though it is much flimsier than the hardwood floorings or wall materials you have out there. That’s why it is more expensive compared to drywall. Drywall is lesser in durability than plywood; however, it is also cheaper and much easier to fix. When considering plywood, labor can even contribute to the costs you need to consider because it is much harder to handle.   

4. Easy to get creative with  

Drywall is flat as well as plain, which makes it a good canvass to get creative with. You can opt for different colors of paint or invest in good-quality wallpaper. The choice is yours when it comes to getting creative because you can easily do so through the smooth surface drywall has.   

When it comes to plywood use, you have the same smooth surface and flat and plain structure. However, when it comes to getting creative, it may not be just as easy to handle. Also, since it does not hold out on paint, you are left with limited options in making it look better.   

5. Less susceptible to fire  

Fires can happen anytime and anywhere. If you are trying to secure your property for the long term on a budgeted scale, you should opt for a less susceptible fire option. Drywall is more resistant to fires. So, if ever this is on your list, you should think about how drywall can benefit you more.   

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