Your best defense is your best offense. To make sure you are on the right path to securing your investment’s lifespan, like securing the lifespan of your asphalt pavement, make sure that you follow good preventative maintenance. For example, you can invest in maintaining through getting rid of debris, repairing observed small damages, and seal coating after installing your asphalt paving.   

Some damages in asphalt paving include the following:  

1. Raveling  

Raveling is more known for asphalt particles that have broken into pieces. I saw you dislodge on the surface of the asphalt paving, and it is a result of having a pool of water over it for a long time and debris accumulated in it.   

It is generally caused by breaking down the pavement and losing the rocks present on the asphalt. Over a while, the asphalt paving becomes thinner, and when this happens, waste can soak through space which aggravates the issue. With this issue, you can expect that the surface will soon be uneven and may become a hazard to both those who pass by the area when waking or provide a hazard to the vehicles passing by.   


Depression looks like how it sounds. Asphalt is made more durable when its installation has been done more compactly. With this, you should imagine how these can invite water in and may even worsen the foundation of the asphalt paving structure. Patching can be your go-to solution to this problem. However, making sure the problem is checked thoroughly to secure a solid work outcome, you should invest in professionals to check properly. Through this, you can be sure that the patching will work as a solution.   

3. Pothole  

Potholes are often interchanged with depressions, but he is a more visible problem. It is deeper and is often pictured as bowl-side racers on the surface down to the asphalt paving’s base. The pothole’s edges are also sharp because it has been penetrated by water irregularly. With this, you can expect a pothole to deteriorate more and even become bigger bowls of craters in the middle of the road on your parking area. This often starter with big cracks on the road, thus to secure you are not going to face a worse situation than cracks, call a professional for help.  

4. Alligator Crack  

An alligator crack is often the first damage your asphalt paving encounters. However, this scene is often neglected and assumed as harmless. However, this is a serious issue on the structure of asphalt pavement. It is often caused by more traffic than estimated and more handling of weight than anticipated. Next time you see a crack on your asphalt paving, be sure to take it seriously. It may be a start of a series of repairs that can cost you many bucks if left without a solution. In addition, the cracks can invite water in and can lead to more problems like potholes.   

To make sure you won’t be robbed of your pocket from a series of repairs in the future, take action in seal coating your asphalt paving after the paving process. Preventing a problem is still the best solution you can act on. To get professional help in handling asphalt paving issues, check out